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The Return Of The Sixpack

Slide-Rule had been their strategist. A planner, a plotter, devious, cunning and most probably the best military mind that anyone had ever seen on Ellerkan. She had taken the beaten armies of Falonbeck to victory over the Sullenfeld Hordes, and now even the Dragon Prince of Halafalon wouldn't stand in the way of her secret plan. She could have been a Queen, but she wanted more. And what she wanted would be to Ellerkan's great loss.

Bus-Pass was one of their best fighters. Athletic, tireless, she was a thief who made an art out of her trade. Her adversary was the Sheriff of Jasanta, and frequent confrontations between them had instilled an admiration for one another that went way beyond mere professional competition.

Chalk-Dust was their scout. Thoughtful, skilled and with the ability to find anything anywhere. What she couldn't track couldn't be tracked, and what she couldn't find couldn't be found. The hidden tomb of Edred the Mighty was no different.

Blue-Tack was their leader. Strong, intelligent and like Bus-Pass, she was a fierce fighter. She had only one true enemy, an enemy who had taken away the only thing she cherished. She lived only for the day when she would get even.

Gym-Slip was the thorn in their side. Always full of the joys of life, she was a trickster, a comedienne, she found fun in everything they did. She had a lust for life that was only matched by her lust for men and robbery. If she couldn't steal it, she could lay it. If anything went wrong, she was always at the heart of it. And what she told Bus-Pass about the Sheriff was just low-down dirty rotten.

Buy-Row was their biographer. Quiet and almost shy, she was a romantic book worm. She read everything she could find about lost cities, hidden tombs and secret treasures. And what she learned she told Chalk-Dust to find. A constant scribbler, she wrote everything down, and most of it was about the adventures of the Sixpack.

They had spent a lifetime together on Ellerkan. It had been a lifetime of adventure, battles, war, robbery, mayhem and sex when ever they could get it. Now, after twenty-eight years came their reunion. The flesh may have been weak, but the spirit was still willing, and what happened was what always happened when the Sixpack were around —all Hell let loose.

And into all of this came Johnson Fold. He was only interested in a little horse trading. Ellerkan was just the sort of backwards planet where his skills and artistry could be most fruitful. And as he often said to his partner, Sinita Khan, “What could possibly go wrong?”

“The Return Of The Sixpack” is one of two stories in the series “In The Shadow Of Mountains” that can be read individually or in order.

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