September 2016 Review

My Quarterly Blab Thing

A while ago I began an experiment with the prices for my ebooks, altering the series starters to free and increasing the price of the remaining books in each series from $2.99 to $3.99. I have left them like this for a few months now, but there has been hardly any difference in sales.

I have always thought $2.99 was about right for the price of my ebooks, but I was aware that many of them were quite long with high page counts, so I thought a split with $2.99 for the shorter books and $3.99 for the larger ones would be more natural. As it turns out my sales have remained equally non-existent with the new prices, in fact they are probably a bit worse. So that experiment is over.

So starting now all my ebooks are back to being $2.99 or free. I have decided to keep the series starters and one or two other of my books at free. This at least keeps me a bit visible at the various online retailers. It doesn't make me anything but at least I am visible and some of my books get read.

Summer is nearly over and the nights are already closing in. I am already looking forward to my anniversary in October. And from there it is all down hill to Christmas. Happy times ahead I hope.

See you next time.

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