September 2013 Review

Sort of Motivated News

As the last hot days of Summer fade away, my mind has actually been filled with thoughts of writing. I have found this a little surprising as I haven't really been motivated to write anything for a very long time. Not that I have written anything, but just being in the mood to do so is such a rarity that it is worth noting. So I have been thinking about my current (well, okay, so it was current two years ago when I last worked on it) project, with thoughts of how to work in the events I need to progress the plot and story. Of course there are problems. Developing the story in my head over time isn't unusual for me, and I am sure it is common with others who write as well. But doing that with a two gap in the middle is asking for trouble. Fortunately I have over 30,000 words of it already written, so reading it over again might help. If I have the time.

These days I don't do much during the week other than work, and I am usually too tired to do much over the weekend. And it isn't unusual for me to do work over the weekend as well. So even if I am in the mood for writing I don't always have the time to actually do it. I mean, even this monthly update is a week late.

It would be interesting to know how you all fit your writing in around real life. That is if you write of course. If you don't write you probably have other interests. How vigourously do you pursue those interests? Are you an up and at them in the early hours of the morning sort of person? Or are you a bit of a slow starter who can't get their act together until well after lunch time? I will let you guess which one I am.

So I feel like writing. A bit. But I can only do it, probably, at weekends. A bit.

Don't hold your breath.

See you next time.

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