September 2011 Review

Writing News

Although still not available for sale directly from, the new paperback edition of “The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning of the End” is now available through one of their Market Place Sellers and so I decided to order it from them rather than from a bookshop here in the UK. The seller is Aprohead Books who are based in Southport, and so are not very far from me here in Manchester. They have a 97% rating from over a million actual ratings so they seem to be good! As I wanted to order the book to check that the new edition is in the system and that it can be obtained here in the UK, this seemed to be a good alternative, and the fact that the order is going through would also suggest that the answer is yes. Delivery has been quoted at two to three working days for deliveries here in the UK, so it will be interesting to see how long it does take for the book to get here as well as how it actually looks. Although I have seen PDF versions of the new cover when searching for it on Google Books, because I decided not to have a sample copy when I set it up with CreateSpace this will be the first time I will actually see what the book now looks like in the ‘flesh.’

A nice surprise this month was receiving an email from a reader in the US who had purchased and read both “In the Shadow of Mountains: The Lost Girls” and “In the Shadow of Mountains: The Return of the Sixpack” on Kindle. Dave enjoyed both books and was happy to provide reviews on Amazon when I asked him. He liked the characters of the young female hockey team and the way they matured into strong and independent warrior thieves. He was also intrigued by the many adventures of the Sixpack during the intervening years that were often but only briefly referred to in the second book. It is always nice to hear from readers of my books, but in recent years that contact seems to have declined, which is a shame really.

I have been thinking about “The Sullenfeld Oracle” and “The Adventures of the Sixpack” this month. But only thinking.

See you next month!

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