September 2010 Review

Writing News

I am progressing slowly with “The Sullenfeld Oracle.” Although I know where I want the story to go, getting there from the starting point isn’t clear in my head yet. I have a basic idea of how to get into the story, and I am introducing characters I think I will need as I go along, but nothing is definite yet. It could be that I have more characters than I need, but I am trying to get the story moving to the point where it runs on its own. I think it has a bit of a way to go before then. Still, it is taking shape, its just that I can’t recognise it yet.

Last month I registered on as an author, listing all my books together there and combining the various Kindle and paperback editions. Basically setting my author profile in order so that people who look will know a bit about me. Rather like on Amazon. Since then I have been introducing myself on various forums and creating a list of my favorite books. I must say having to think about books that I have read and those that are my favorites was very strange as I read most of them a long time ago. Its nice to see that many of them are still popular and some are even considered to be classics.

I joined Goodreads because I felt a little uncomfortable as an author posting on the Amazon forums. Although there are many discussion threads set up for promoting the work of Indie Authors it still felt uncomfortable to do so. Although I still post on the Amazon forums I still don’t, and never have, included any of my books in my profile signature. I just don’t feel right about it. On Goodreads there is a slightly different emphasis and although carpet bombing is still frowned upon as spamming, people in general are here to find something to read. Hopefully I can join in. So far I have a handful of friends, some from the Amazon forums and some I have met at Goodreads, and I have found a couple of books I would like to read, so that can’t be bad.

Website News

Now here is something different. In previous Monthly Reviews I have often made note of updates, changes, and hopefully, improvements to my website. In general I believe it has improved over the years, and it has been over ten years in existence. But I have always kept it as simple as possible so it loads easily. Anyway, I have also always included my 3D digital artwork on the site, either in promoting my books where they are featured on the covers, or just to decorate the site. Now I have found CafePress, a company that allows you to create merchandise from your artwork for sale over the internet—and its free! Well it is for a basic shop, and that is good enough for me. So I have decided to try it. So I have a merchandise site. Exciting isn’t it? So if you feel like browsing my T-shirts, posters, mugs and mousepads, pop over to the Booksandstories Merchandise Stores and give me a shot. Go on, you know you want to!

By the way, for all those who read on my website, and those who actually buy Kindle or MobiPocket versions of my books: Thank You. See you next month.

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