September 2009 Review

Writing News

I finally managed to complete my thesis at the end of August. This was after several edits and re-edits for corrections and changes requested by my two supervisors here at the University of Manchester. With the thing finally done and submitted I only have to wait a few weeks for the viva to find out the result. Regardless of this it will finally bring to a close my association with the University after five years.

I have now returned to working on converting “The Return of the Sixpack” to an ebook for MobiPocket, and as I said last month, the last two books in “The Friendly Ambassador” series should follow after that. I am also thinking of adding “Mind Games” to the list, as this story hasn't been published in book form at all yet. Like “An Affair of the Heart” and “The Dreamer,” this would be a smallish book, about 150 pages, so I have been less inclined to pursue publication of it due to the cost of trade paperbacks. At one time I even contemplated publishing all three of these stories together as an omnibus edition, something I might still do in the future. But the ebook route to publication using MobiPocket allows me to make even a smallish book available at a good price. I am sticking to $2.00 for all of them. Because of this I will also re-visit “A Fine Woman,” currently an Amazon Short in three parts. This would also make a smallish book, but a reasonable ebook for $2.00.

Apart from some modifications for the cover, work on “The Sullenfeld Oracle” hasn't moved on very far. Like “The Twelve Ships,” I sort of know how things go and what I want to include, but the thing hasn't gelled yet. I sometimes look back at some of my other stories and wonder how I ever managed to write so much.

I have a feeling my muse is out buying shoes...

See you next month.

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