September 2008 Review

Writing News

Nearly done with “The Tale of the Comet” now. The final few chapters have taken longer to do because of the different thought patterns I have added. A lot of things are 'revealed' at this point, so there is a lot of introspection and bascially, panic. The page count is now going to be around 720 pages. A big book. Bey-Jai's story in “The Sullenfeld Oracle” is now well and truly in my head. I had one of those days where the idea for the main plot pops out of the toaster when you least expect it. I like the idea and I am mulling it over in my mind. The thing is, if I start this it will be the first new and proper writing that I have done since “A Fine Woman.” But then again I may have time on my hands soon.

I am at the end of my Doctorate time at University in Manchester. I have asked for an extension to finish writing my thesis, which is about halfway. I will need to do re-writes but I think I have all the information that I need. But my time comes to an end at the end of September. So either I will have to find a paying alternative, or stay at home on handouts until I can get one. Depending on what happens I could have a lot of extra time for writing...

That's a good thing, isn't it? Isn't it?

See you next month.

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