September 2005 Review

Writing Progress

It wasn't until after reading last month's Review that I realised there wasn't much about writing under the title of Writing Progress. Never mind, I don't think anyone noticed. I still haven't got back to any proper writing. I say that because I am in the middle of writing my PhD first year transfer report. I must say it is a horrible experience. Still, it should be over soon, one way or the other.

Thank you to Mrs K for buying access to “The Lost Girls” and “The Return of the Sixpack.” I hope you enjoy the stories. If you do, check out “The Friendly Ambassador” which begins the whole sequence. And although it is overdue for a re-write, “The Tale of the Comet” ends the sequence -sort of.

I say sort of because I have always had a couple of additional stories in mind to follow on from “The Tale of the Comet,” but as usual what is in my mind doesn't quite perculate through to my fingers and the keyboard. When I will feel happy about writing creatively I can't say. I think it is just pressure of other commitments, tiredness and general stress that leaves me lethargic. Everything seems to have been affected. Hopefully it will pass.

With the first part of “The Friendly Ambassador” having been published and available on and Barnes & (please buy one), I have been thinking about submitting the remaining three parts. It seems to take about a year to go through the publishing process with PublishAmerica so the second part should be submitted now if it is to be available next year. I know I am not getting a big sale out of the book, but I am conscious that only a quarter of the story is out there and wondered if all three books might make a better impact. Maybe I should have submitted “An Affair of the Heart” as you all seem to love that. Or maybe “The Look of Love” or “A Fine Woman.” Mind you, it doesn't mean that PublishAmerica will take any of them this time around.

Finally, my computer is still making funny noises and I haven't bought another one yet. I am undecided whether to go for another laptop or a tower. I've been looking but I am no nearer an answer.

Don't know much these days do I?

What do you think of it so far? Email me!