September 2000 Review and Letters

Web Page Progress

I seem to have managed to get my site listed on and To say that I am overcome with excitement would be a little bit of an overstatement. Still, that makes about four to five directories I'm buried in. Yahoo doesn't want to talk to me, so I'll give up for now. I seem to be getting about three or four hits a day on average, so for a new site that can't be too bad.

Advertising Again

My second advert in Doctor Who Magazine appeared on the 23rd August, and this time I didn't see that much of an increase in the number of visitors as I did last month. But I am seeing a better average than I think I would have had without the advertising. As I seem to have succeeded in getting noticed, I'm going to leave this costly exercise alone for awhile and see if the site can learn to swim on it's own.


I've had a couple of emails from you lovely people out there. What are the rest of you doing?

The first email is from Ian Shimwell:


I have written a full-length Avengers-like Script entitled "The Avengers - The Promotors of Death". In which:


Would you be interested in publishing it?



As I originally intended this site to contain only my own stories, I hadn't considered the possibility that other people might ask me this question. I guess I didn't see myself as an epublisher. However, I am not totally against the idea, but there are pitfalls in accepting someone else's material. For example, the use of characters created by someone else, as in the case of the Avengers, could be considered to be a breach of copyright. So with this in mind I would like to offer the following conditions:

Having said all that, other things are bound to come up. But I am relatively flexible so long as I am not inundated. Remember, this wasn't and isn't intended as an open to all publishing site.

I've also had the following email from Tanya and David:


I am new to your site and am interested in reading your stories but I was wondering how payment is made. I'm afraid I'm quite new to the Internet and am naive about such things.

I was also wondering how often a new story is added? I understand writing isn't an exact art but, generally, how often?

Thank you


First of all, we all start small. I probably knew less than you when I started. But to answer your questions, credit card payments are the method to use. If you click on the pay chapters links on the List page before you have paid for them, you will automatically be sent to the Order page. You can also go there direct if you wish. Once you select the book of your choice on the Order page and click on the acceptance bar, you will enter the WorldPay sections of my web site. Follow the instructions and it should all be straight forward. You will be asked for your type of card, the card number, expiry date, country of origin and your email. This is a secure system, so entering these details should be okay. Remember, this part isn't controlled by me, it's controlled by WorldPay. They are a well known and established company in the field of internet transactions. If you want to know a bit more about this facility, read the May Review on the Letters page.

Once the payment has gone through successfully, you will be given a confirmation and a password that you can then enter in the Password box on the Order page. This will give you access to the pay chapters of the book you have chosen. You will only need to enter it once while you remain online, as the pay chapters link for that particular book on the List page will now work for you. But after you have disconnected from the internet and then reconnected to it again, you will have to re-enter it on the Order page -so don't forget it!

As for when new stories are added, that's as soon as I finish writing them. This is often dependant on work and other commitments. I am currently working on chapter forty of "The Return of the Sixpack", I also have eight chapters of "The Heroic Englishman" written, but this is moving a lot slower. Again, I'll try and keep you informed in the writing section of the monthly reviews on the Letters page.

Writing Progress

For those of you who haven't noticed, the free chapters for "The Return Of The Sixpack" are now available on the List page. Work goes on with the rest of the story which hopefully will be ready before the end of the year.

The Short Story returns next month.

What do you think of it so far? Email me!

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