Rosie-Raptor And The Ponderousosaurous


D. G. Richards

Copyright © D. G. Richards 2000


The noise was tremendous. It was a deep guttural growl, a very rumble that caused the ground to shake.

Rosie-Raptor hid in terror. As the smallest Raptor to hatch from the nest that year, she had spent most of her short life trying to avoid being a snack to one of her siblings. It hadn't been easy. Now she was on her own, life wasn't any better.

First there were the other carnivorous, or meat eating dinosaurs. They were all much bigger than her and far more ferocious. Then there was the ever long problem of eating. So many of the other dinosaurs were bigger than her, that even the mildest of the herbivours, or plant eating dinosaurs could chase her off.

Take the Stegosaurous for example. She had found the young male on it's own. An easy victim for a vicious Raptor like herself, but no. One bite was all she got after she leapt up on to his back, then the mad Steggy had chased her across a valley and two ridges.

And it had been her best leap too.

And just when she thought she had shaken him off at last, she had bumped into this new monster. She couldn't even see it, but she could hear it. Whatever it was must be really fierce and really angry.

The rumbling continued until the creature responsible heaved itself out of the trees and came into view. It was very big. No, it was really big. With a very long neck, big head and small teeth.

As soon as Rosie-Raptor saw it, she felt such indignation at having hid from it that she sprang out from her hiding place.

"What's with all the noise?" she demanded. "You aren't a carnivorous dinosaur!"

The other dinosaur looked startled by her sudden arrival. He stepped back causing the ground to shake and clutched a claw to his stomach. When he spoke, it was with a deep voice that was very sad and dreary. He also spoke very slowly.

"I am a carnivour," he protested.

"Oh, no you're not!" Rosie replied ten times quicker.

"Am, too!"

"Then why haven't you got big teeth?" Rosie pointed out.

The big dinosaur shrugged. "I suppose I'm not very well adapted." He sighed. "Extinction material, I think."

Rosie stared up at him with her head cocked to one side. Part of her was wondering why he was so soleful, while another part of her was wondering how long it would take her to eat him.

"So why all the roaring, then?" she asked him.

"Sorry," he replied. "But I can't help it. I haven't eaten for days and my stomach keeps rumbling."

Now Rosie-Raptor was the one to look surprised. "How could a big dinosaur like you not manage to eat?"

He shrugged again. "I told you I wasn't very well adapted. You see, I am a Ponderousosaurous."

"A Ponderous-o-what?"

"A Ponderousosaurous. The last of my kind."

"What does it mean?" Rosie asked.

"Mean?" the Ponderousosaurous repeated.

Rosie shook her head at his obvious lack of intellect. She pointed at herself. "I am a velociraptor. It means that I can run fast and leap about." She demonstrated by running and leaping about. "I also have sharp claws to slash and rip at my victims." She slashed and ripped at the air at imaginary victims, snapping her teeth. Then in a moment of brashness, she leapt on his tail and sank her teeth in.

The Ponderousosaurous had been unable to move his head quickly enough to follow Rosie-Raptor as she ran and leapt about, but now that she was attached to his tail he reached out with his clawed hand and lifted up the end of his tail so that Rosie was at eye level with him. He looked at her closely as she hung on to his bulbous tail with her teeth.

"Very good," he said very slowly. "I am a Ponderousosaurous. It means that I am bulky, heavy, awkward, cumbersome, unwiedly, boring and monotonous. That hurts."

Rosie-Raptor let go and fell to the ground with a puff of dust. She rubbed her tail when she got up. "Sorry. I'm hungry too."

The Ponderousosaurous looked down at her. "But how can you be hungry? You run and leap about so fast, surely you have been able to hunt successfully?"

Rosie sat on the ground in dismay. "No," she admitted. "I'm too small."

The Ponderousosaurous thought for a moment. Well, a minute or two, actually. "You are too small and I am too big," he said at last. "I wonder if there is a connection there?"

Rosie-Raptor had a bright idea. She got quickly back to her feet and said, "Do you like Stegosaurs?"


"It'll never work," the Ponderousosaurous said as he sat in the clearing holding an uprooted tree in one hand and the end of his bulbous tail in the other.

"It will!" Rosie-Raptor insisted. "Just hold up that tree and he'll never notice you! I'm the one taking all the risks! When I lead him back to you, you just be ready to clobber him!"

The Ponderousosaurous raised the tree so that it's leaves hid his head. "Oh, alright."

Rosie-Raptor ran off. She wasn't too keen on the idea either. But needs must. They were both hungry and the Stegosaurous would feed them both. She knew she could find him easily. He was a cocky little git, but still bigger than her. He would be easy to track.

Sure enough, it wasn't long before Rosie found the Stegosaurous munching on some ferns. She did what she always did when she found a potential victim. She sneaked up on him then leapt on his tail. As soon as she bit him, the nutty Stegosaurous swung round and threw her off. She just managed to jump out of the way before he slammed his tail down where she had fallen. The next moment and the chase was on again.

As Rosie-Raptor ran back towards the Ponderousosaurous with the young Stegosaurous hot on her heels, she only hoped that the Ponderousosaurous would get it right. It couldn't be that difficult, could it?

The Ponderousosaurous was just suppressing another rumble in his belly when Rosie-Raptor and her pursuer reappeared. He quickly held up the tree and remained rigid. Rosie-Raptor ran up to him and then around him. Without a second glance, the Stegosaurous chased after her. Round and round they went, with the Ponderousosaurous turning his head from side to side trying to follow them.

Round and round, and round and round again.

"Clobber him!" Rosie-Raptor shouted.

The Ponderousosaurous lowered the tree and got ready with his tail. Then he seemed to pause as if in thought. Slowly, ponderously, he weighed the tree and his tail in his hands, comparing their weight.

Rosie-Raptor ran round and round him with the Stegosaurous in tow. "What are you waiting for? Clobber him!"

His mind made up at last, the Ponderousosaurous raised the tree in his hand and watched as Rosie and the Stegosaurous ran around him, around him, and around him again. Each time he hesitated. He had to get this just right or else....

"CLOBBER HIM!" Rosie yelled as she felt the Stegosaurous gaining on her.

The Ponderousosaurous smacked down with the tree.

There was a sudden silence and stillness.

The Ponderousosaurous raised the tree. "Oops."


The Ponderousosaurous sat on his haunches munching away. "Sorry about that, Rosie," he said sadly and slowly. "I underestimated my strength and the Stegosaur's resilliance."

"That's alright," Rosie-Raptor replied happily as she chewed away. "I like my Steggy's scrambled."

The End

Copyright © D. G. Richards 2000

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