October 2018 Review

My Quarterly Blab Thing

October is already nearly over. It is one of the highlights of my year as it contains my Wedding Anniversary and my wife's Birthday. This year it was our 30th Wedding Anniversary, so we had a cake and some beer to celebrate. We both can't believe that 30 years has passed so quickly. But it has, and we are both that much older. As a result it is slightly sad as well as good. Let's hope we can put in another 30 years!

There were quite a few downloads of my books during this year's Summer & Winter Sale event at Smashwords. But as usual, no reviews or further actual purchases. Despite this I will still probably partake in these sorts of events next year.

I continue to stay at home looking after my wife, Rosanna. She is reliant on me being at home to keep her company and look after her. Although to be fair, she does a lot of looking after me as well! We will be very pushed to make ends meet each month with only a few benefits and our savings to rely on. Hopefully my pension will help when that comes along. I just have to make ends meet until then. It is hard, but we are together.

See you next time.

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