October 2014 Review

My Monthly Blab Thing

October starts my Christmas season with my wife's birthday and our anniversary. Fortunately the nasty lurgy infesting my throat I described last month seems to have at last succumbed to a full frontal antibiotic attack led by a determined heroine armed with a flame thrower. Or was that Aliens? Anyway, I am feeling a lot better now, if not perfect just yet. So I am on the mend. I am also on holiday from the day job for a week so I can stay home with the wife and enjoy lazy times together.

On the writing front my books are still out there, I don't promote them anymore, and the two free ones are still the main movers. As for the rest, the other three books in The Friendly Ambassador series also get picked up occasionally as a result of the free starter. I am thinking about making The Lost Girls free as well, as this would be a starter into The Return of the Sixpack and The Tale of the Comet. But I will probably think a bit longer before doing anything at the moment. I doubt if there will be any wild break-outs on the horizon, but I have long accepted that.

Only eighty-odd shopping days to Christmas.

See you next time.

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