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October is a significant month in my life. Generally it marks the transition from Summer to Winter, with Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night that quickly follow being Autumnal and Winter celebrations respectively. And once these two days are over the mad rush to Christmas begins in earnest. And before you know it, it's January. So October marks that point of change, with the reversion back to GMT towards the end of the month being the definitive moment Summer ends and Winter begins. The mornings and evenings are always darker after then. Or so it seemed when I was a lot younger and still at school. Strange how the perspectives of childhood often stay with you like that. Maybe it was because the headlong rush to Christmas was always so exciting then.

On an even more personal level, October is significant to me for two consecutive days: My wife's birthday and our wedding anniversary. So along with December for Christmas and New Year, October is a double celebration. There is also February for my birthday and March or April for Easter as well, but I feel we always make more of an effort for the dates in October and December. Maybe it is because they are double dates, who knows? And of course, that all marks me down as a Winter person, with October and Easter marking the beginning and end of the significant events of my year. The end of Autumn is my beginning, and the onset of Spring is my end. All the other months are empty.

This year is a little more special as it will be our 25th anniversary. But as we have been married all those years it isn't as if we haven't done most things on all of our previous anniversaries. We nearly always went away and organised special days or meals. We stayed at expensive hotels, we ate at expensive restaurants, and we travelled and visited. We went to shows, we had champagne and strawberries, and we retook our vows. But for the past few years we have slowly ramped down a bit, staying at home and celebrating things almost quietly. The same goes for Christmas and my birthday. We are taking it easy. Is that good or bad or just a sign of the times?

I have to say that I like taking it easy. I know some people love the rush of life right up to the moment when they nail the lid down on them, and still the box rattles. But for me I like it slow and easy. Maybe it is because life has always been a bit of a rush for me, with money problems, job problems, health problems and relative problems. So now I am happy to slow down and take things easy given half the chance.

Or maybe I am just getting old!

See you next time.

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