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October is one of those strange months. It isn't quite Autumn and it isn't quite Winter. Or that's how it feels here in the UK. Most years October can be quite pleasant, the famous Indian Summer period for a late bright spell. It doesn't last though, because the official end to Summer comes during the last weekend when the clocks go back, British Summer Time ends and we are all back on GMT. That is quickly followed by Halloween and then the infamous Bombfire Night on the 5th of November. Once these two events are over it is all downhill to Christmas!

October also has a special and personal meaning for me. During the second week of October twenty-four years ago I got married. And although it rained a little on the day, the small amount just made it more romantic. We even have a photo with the driver of our Rolls in his grey uniform holding a large umbrella over us both as we were being photographed in a park outside the venue for the reception. The wedding was also the day before the birthday of my bride to be, who was 21 the morning after. So this month is a double celebration month each year. Next year of course is a biggie, our twenty-fifth. But this year is a good milestone just on its own.

I use a picture of my wife as my avatar on the Amazon forums. It's a miniature of the picture I use as the background for my desktop on my computer. I have thought of using this picture as the cover for “The Look of Love” if I ever decide to update it, as the look in my wife's eyes in the photograph represent the sentiments described in the book. It's just that look. Unfortunately it was a look directed at the professional photographer at the time!

From my wedding in 1988 until now I would consider to be my adult period. Prior to that I had written things but never published them. I had worked but also played a lot. During the time since then I have worked a lot too, but I also worked at my favourite hobbies, writing being the uppermost but not the only one. I did many things and went to many places, but this was my most productive time, writing wise. And the fact that I should talk about it in the past tense is recognition of the fact that I will probably never write as much, or as imaginatively, as I did then.

I guess the Honeymoon period is over!

See you next month!

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