October 2011 Review

Writing News

Well, following on from last month when I talked about ordering the new paperback edition of “The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning of the End” from here in the UK through one of's Market Place Sellers, the book turned up bang on time from Aprohead Books in Southport. I was very pleased with their service and the book itself looks fine. Although the image on the spine does bleed just a little onto the back cover, the cover itself is pretty well spot on considering that I didn't order a sample copy as part of the book creation process. I am also therefore very pleased with the CreateSpace book creation service in general. It all went very smoothly and the interior is just how I laid it out in the PDF. Altogether a very rewarding process.

I may very well do this again!

Now on to some developments concerning the Google Books and eBooks programs. Although almost all my books (barring the last of my PA published books) have been included in the Google Book Search program for some time now, the introduction of the Google eBookstore in the UK has taken a lot longer to materialise. Well, the UK Google eBookstore also went live this month. Fortunately, like many UK publishers I would assume, I have been preparing for the introduction of the UK site for some time, and so my books are now all available for purchase as ebooks from the Google eBookstore. In fact they are now available in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. As a result of this change I have been updating my List Page to include links for my books at all the major websites both here in the UK and in the US to make it easier to find them (if any of you happen to be interested!).

On another topic, that of the dreaded marketing, of which I am very poor, two of my books will be featuring on Bryan Dennis's Indie Snippets blog during October. On Monday the 10th Bryan included “In The Shadow of Mountains: The Return of the Sixpack.” Hopefully “In the Shadow of Mountains: The Lost Girls” will also appear this month. So my thanks to Bryan. Much appreciated.

And yes, I am still thinking about “The Sullenfeld Oracle.”

See you next month!

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