October 2010 Review

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I am still sputtering on with “The Sullenfeld Oracle.” Life keeps getting in the way. But I haven’t given up yet.

I have wondered about book trailers for a while now, mainly because I like the idea but don’t have any video or film experience to do one myself. It now seems that you don’t really need to have either to actually make one. There seems to be quite a large number available now, mainly on youtube and facebook. Anyway, I began looking around for sources on the web that can help authors and others make short videos and I eventually found

Animoto specialise in a custom making video service aimed in particular at photographers and businesses as an alternative to slideshows and other types of photographic presentations. You only need some visuals, a choice of soundtrack and a few text lines and you are done. Animoto's specialised video engine puts the lot together and produces a random one-off production. Every time you repeat the process you get a different video.

It sounded easy, but I still thought about it for a while before having a go. As it turns out it was very easy. The results are determined by the number of visuals and the tempo of the soundtrack. Very clever. And a 30 second book video trailer is free. So I have made three so far and placed them on the List Page next to the books they represent. These three book trailers can also be viewed here:

Please take a look and let me know what you think.

In another small change I have added links to The Spinning Wheel Cafe, which is an Amazon discussion forum for authors and readers in the Kindle Community. Please pop over and say hello if you are registered with Amazon.

See you next month.

What do you think of it so far? Email me!

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