October 2009 Review

Writing News

I am officially no longer a student at the University of Manchester, although I do still pop in every so often. I now find myself between jobs, not unusual in these fine days. But never mind. I will have to see what comes along. In the meantime I am playing at writing.

I have now finished converting “The Return of the Sixpack” to an ebook for MobiPocket, and I have added it to the list of ebooks available. That makes six so far. I shall start thinking about the last two books in “The Friendly Ambassador” series next along with “A Fine Woman,” currently an Amazon Short in three parts. Although I am not too sure what happened to the Amazon Shorts programme. Maybe it was overtaken by their Kindle Store?

Still not much progress on “The Sullenfeld Oracle” yet. Hopefully, as my spare time increases I might begin to settle down and write some more in earnest. There always seems to be something else to do or distract me, and I think I take the easy option. But as I become bored I will probably begin to do more on it because I basically haven't got much else to do.

From time to time I might update some of my pages on the site. I did start doing this with the trailer pages for “The Tale of the Comet” and “The Dreamer,” but then I got distracted by my PC crash and replacement. I might start doing this again now.

See you next month.

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