October 2008 Review

Writing News

This month should see “The Tale of the Comet” up and published. I have finished formatting it and adding everything I wanted, and now I am just going over it again. The thing is, no matter how many times I re-read it and edit it, there is always going to be something that I miss. At the moment I am just going through it one more time, and as you can imagine reading and re-reading a 754 page story takes time! I am pretty pleased with it now that it is done. “The Tale of the Comet” was actually the first story I wrote about the Androktones, and at the time I didn't really have any background idea as to how they got here. It was like having the top of the iceburg without anything else underneath it. All the other stories I subsequently wrote have now filled in almost all the gaps and “The Tale of the Comet” is now how it should be. It can actually be read on its own without knowledge of the others. But for those who have browsed through “The Friendly Ambassador,” “The Lost Girls,” or “The Return of the Sixpack,” there will be some familiar references.

As always, the book versions represent the most up to date versions of the story, with the web versions on this site being the original first draft versions. I have kept it this way for continuity, with the dates the files were uploaded being a record of their original publication date. Both the contents of this website and the books themselves are copyrighted separately, so everything is covered.

I have managed to get an extension to finish writing my thesis at University. In the meantime I am also looking for further work on a similar project, or something different that matches my skills. I will let you know how I do.

I had my 20th Wedding Anniversary this month, so congratulations to me and the wife! See you next month.

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