October 2006 Review

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I have now received my author copy of “The Friendly Ambassador: Changes” and it looks very yellow. I have had a look through the book and it is quite good. The cover isn't laminated like the PublishAmerica books, so it isn't as glossy, but it still has a nice finish. The book also feels quite well made and robust. As well as the colour and font changes to the cover, the inside is also slightly different. The pages are white instead of off-white, giving a more bold look to the text and pages. I am quite happy with the whole effect, particularly as I have had control of every single part of it. I do all the corrections, editing, layout and have the final word on what goes in or not. It is a very rewarding experience to be in complete control of the whole publishing package. So I think I will do it again.

I am now working on the final part of “The Friendly Ambassador: Walking with the Enemy.” I have already done the cover and I am editing and formatting the text before converting it to a PDF for up loading to the BookSurge website. In addition, I am also thinking about the covers for “An Affair of the Heart” and “The Look of Love.” For the “The Look of Love” I am going to do a cover that is based on the moment when Chrissy tries on the wedding dress in her bedroom. For “An Affair of the Heart” I might pick a scene in Lincoln Square. We shall see.

BookSurge and Amazon have also been rather good at working together, and I have now managed to transfer the 'Search Inside this Book' facility from to and the rest of the world. And I have already been able to purchase two extra copies of “The Friendly Ambassador: Changes” from, so the system seems to be working. I just need to get you lot to buy them!

Finally, I am thinking of submitting another story to Amazon Shorts. I have two stories in mind, “The Happy Eater” and “The Dropped Bollock.” As Christmas is rapidly approaching, and “The Happy Eater” is sort of a Christmas story, it might be that one. Again, we shall see.

What do you think of it so far? Email me!

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