October 2005 Review

Writing Progress

Well I finished my first year PhD transfer report, so that was some sort of writing progress I suppose, so at least I can justify the title.

Thank you to Mai-Ann for your letter. I hope you got my reply and find my links for “The Friendly Ambassador.” Interesting that you have the same name as one of my characters, it is purely by chance, but nice. And also another thank you to Mrs K who tells me that she enjoyed the stories on this site and she is now going to have a go at “The Friendly Ambassador.” I hope you enjoy it, it's a big story.

October heralds in the beginning of the run up to the Christmas period, and I am already thinking about having a couple of weeks off. But that doesn't necessarily mean that my writing hobby will be taking off just yet. As I mentioned in a previous report, I am just going to let nature take it's course. At the moment the only writing I am doing is of the technical nature, what with the report and other coursework for my Doctorate to do, but that doesn't mean to say that things won't change. Sooner or later I will probably return to creative writing. I can say this because it isn't unusual for me.

The first time I wrote creatively was when I was at school at the age of ten. I wrote a lot of nonsense, but that doesn't really matter. I spent most of my early life reading an awful lot, so it wasn't a surprise when I had another go at writing when I was ten years older. The results at that time were not bad, but not marvelous either, but I at least was able to hold a complicated plot together for a novel-sized story. I still have most of this story in hardcopy form somewhere around the house, and I still think about incorporating it into a new story. The next time I took up writing again I did it in earnest. But by then another twenty years had passed.

In 1996 when I had been made redundant, and just before I went back to college to do my Masters Degree, I bought a laptop computer and took up writing again. It was a lot easier than using a typewriter. I enjoyed it, I had a lot of ideas in my head, and I had the time available. It was the beginning of an eight year period of almost constant writing. Everything you see on this website is the result of that fruitful period. And even after I grew tired of the task, the ideas hadn't been used up.

So it looks like there could be a fairly long gap before I return to writing, but hopefully, it won't be as long as the last one. Sooner or later, I will be back.

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