October 2003 Review

Web Page Progress

So what to say this month? The site remains on the web and I'm still here. And that's about it.

Writing Progress

I have a new job. Exciting isn't it? However, the job now takes up a lot more of my time, and as a result I am a lot more tired at the weekends as well. So that all means that I haven't progressed as far as I had intended in my writing. Lethargy plays an important part here. I'm more inclined to slump in front of the television than in front of the computer, and because of the effort involved, writing can feel like work rather than leisure when you have too much of the former and not enough of the latter. So “The Friendly Ambassador” has moved ponderously slowly on to chapter forty-three. I still have a lot more to do before I finish the chapter. I also have two short stories to finish with a third on the way, and this Review. And I'm tired. And it's already Sunday. Something has to give, and as I need to work to earn the money, it has to be my writing.

I haven't done anything with “The Heroic Englishman” or “The Curfew”, and “A Fine Woman” is only halfway through part five. So that means there is no Short Story this month. “A Fine Woman: Part IV” has been added to the List Page. With luck, a change in heart and a return to my more uplifting mood, it will be back next month and “The Friendly Ambassador” should also progress.

I hope.

And then it will be Christmas.


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