October 2001 Review

Web Page Progress

Since my last review, my website has been entered into a "shopping mall". I suppose this is a bit like a fancy directory, only you can go there to visit different websites and buy all sorts of different gooddies at one location. If you want to take a look, its at under BOOKS & MEDIA, and then PRINTING & PUBLISHING. Its an alphabetical list, so you will find me under 'B'.

As another year seems to be drawing to a very rapid close, I'm looking forward to the third year of existence for this little website. As a baby-dot-com I seem to have lasted longer than a lot of much bigger dot-coms. Maybe thats because I have very limited expenditure. Unlike many others I think, I kept my advertising attempts to a reasonable limit, and let the directories do their job for me. And, of course, delivery costs nothing. You get what you want straight away. But if I have any particular business partners to thank for my survival so far, then it has to be these:-

Writing Progress

My free time seems to get less and less each month. I now only get to work on "The Friendly Ambassador" on Sunday afternoons. Thats also when I write these Reviews and any Short Stories. There isn't enough time to do all of it, and so the Short Stories are taking a back seat for now. "The Friendly Ambassador" has reached six chapters and is beginning to take shape. I am finding it harder to work on because it needs some research as it is based on certain established "facts". I won't say what at the moment, but if the story progresses well, and I'm happy with it, I might load it up for you to read before it reaches the twenty chapter mark and you'll soon know what I mean.

So, no Short Stories for a while, but as in last months Review, I might include stories from other authors from time to time to make up. And remember, some early chapters from "The Friendly Ambassador" may appear soon.

See you next month.

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