November 2014 Review

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My brief holiday break in October is now long gone. It is officially Winter, or at least that is what the clocks have told us. But then my wife and I have rarely been bothered by time other than by its passing. I am late for most things now, whether it is getting up or going to bed. At work I am on flexitime, so I am in late and out late. And I work at weekends. In fact I am writing this at 4:21am. I must be on New York time.

Although my two free ebooks don't actually earn me any profit, I can never resist checking how many of them have "sold." At one time I uploaded them to various sites that promoted free ebooks. This tended to get them noticed and gave them a rather hefty boost at the beginning. But that was maybe two years ago, and as time moved on and I stopped any kind of promotion, both titles slowly began to find their own level.

It is interesting to see how the sales go up and down on their own depending on whether they are noticed or not or there is a review posted. But the general trend now is downwards. "A Fine Woman" is still the leader. It is being downloaded at about ten to one when compared with "The Beginning of the End." Or at least that is how the Amazon and Barnes & Noble results look. "A Fine Woman" is also very popular on Apple, and in a host of countries. Hopefully they will continue on their own way like that for many more years.

See you next time.

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