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It has been getting a little colder since the turn of the month. And one or two of my real life responsibilities have taken up quite a bit of my time. So here I am nearly two weeks into November and only now writing my monthly review. I call these monthly essays reviews for want of a better word. I wouldn't use blog as a description because blogging isn't something I do, or at least it isn't something I think I do. Neither is this a post, as it really is only designed to go on my website, not on a forum. Yes, it appears on Goodreads, the only other place apart from on my website. But that is all. So it isn't a blog or a post, but even review doesn't sound right either. It isn't as if I review anything. Apart from Life, the Universe and cold Novembers. Well, from my point of view anyway.

I have never been a really social animal. And although I was always the ubiquitous kitchen dweller at parties I mean that in social media terms. I don't like blogging or tweeting, and I don't really care much for FaceBook or other social forums. And even on Goodreads where I feel more comfortable I post very rarely. I suppose that doesn't help if you are an author.

The term author actually brings to my mind the old fashioned image of classic writers such as H. G. Wells and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Typical that I should pick two authors who write science fiction as my examples. But science fiction, and to a certain extent fantasy, has always been my favourite fiction genre. At least for most of my younger life. But both Wells and Conan Doyle could also write stories in other genres that featured just as compelling characters, from Polly to Holmes. Now these and many others like them are authors.

So what is an Indie Author?

Well supposedly it is somebody like me. Someone who writes and publishes their own works independent of a third party. It is often said that many classic authors did exactly the same thing. But that was long ago and the times were very different. So the analogy doesn't really apply. And I don't compare myself to those I would consider to be classic authors anyway. Instead I consider myself to be an amateur writer, simply because writing is not my profession, even if I do it well, it is simply just one of my hobbies. But there are many more writers who do write professionally and repeatedly, and do so independently. They also promote and interact more professionally. Where as I write as a hobby they are writers by profession, and many of them choose to publish independently. But none of that really matters unless the writer writes well and the reader likes it. And tells people. On the other hand it could be that they don't like it, and still tell people. So the term Indie Author has no real meaning because as soon as you publish independence goes out the window. Unless of course no one reads what you wrote in the first place.

See you next time.

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