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This month, November, Barnes & Noble launched their Nook eReader and online eBookstore in the UK in partnership with a number of UK retailers. You can read more about it here on the Smashwords Blog. As a result of this I have added all the new ebook links to the List Page for my titles on the Barnes & Noble website. So you can now buy my ebooks on Nook in the UK.

The arrival of Nook in the UK marks a return of UK specific book links to my website after a number of years. At one time I had a dedicated UK version of this website that was hosted on a UK server. The idea was to maintain a site on both sides of the Atlantic. For quite a few years I kept both websites up to date. But it became clear that most of the attention, and readers, that I had were in the USA. And most of my web presence was on Amazon and other websites in the US as well. It is rather typical that I had more success in the US than here in the UK where I live. So I gave up on my UK site and just maintained this single website for all. But I still keep the domain names and simply have them link to this .com site.

Despite my concentration on the US market, my trade paperback books and Kindle ebooks have always been available in the UK through, but there was at first little transfer of information from the site. For example, my two free ebooks are price matched at zero on, but not on This has been gradually changing and improving over time, and now that Barnes & Noble have entered the UK market with all of my titles on Nook, my free ebooks might soon actually be available for free in the UK as well. Kobo, Sony and Apple also have a presence in the UK, with the Kobo eReader being available at WH Smiths. But after Amazon, Barnes & Noble is the biggest hitter in the eReader and ebook field. So it will be interesting to see how the UK public take to the Kindle, Kobo and Nook.

Christmas should be fun for someone, somewhere!

See you next month!

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