November 2010 Review

Writing News

Still no writing this month as life continues to keep getting in the way. On the up side I have managed to sell my first Kindle book on the UK Amazon site. Up to now all my Kindle sales have been in the US. Although not big sellers as yet, I am always hopeful, and to have a sale in the UK, even an electronic one, is very welcome.

As I mentioned last month, I am a visitor and an irregular contributor to The Spinning Wheel Cafe, a forum thread on the Amazon Kindle Community, and I have added links to TSW Cafe on my various pages. As well as doing the occasional readings, listening to others read, and taking part in general conversations about books at TSW Cafe, I have also now been listed on another thread in the Amazon Kindle Community called The Indie Authors Gallery. This is a comprehensive list of self published authors with books available on the Kindle that has been put together voluntarily by Julie, a passionate reader of Kindle books. I must say that I and many other self published (indie) authors are very indebted to her for doing this. My entry can be found here at

When I talk about doing readings at TSW Cafe, I am obviously talking about posting samples of the book on the thread with explanations, and when asked, answering any questions. I will be doing another reading like this on the 9th December, and my previous and rather long-winded reading at TSW Cafe can be found here.

See you next month.

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