November 2009 Review

Writing News

I still haven't got down to serious writing on “The Sullenfeld Oracle.” I keep meaning to, but other things keep interfering. But I am beginning to get more into it. I think the reason is that I see other things happening in books or in films and I start itching to do something similar. I still like reading, mainly science-fiction, but only if there are women featured strongly. I may have mentioned before that I like Elizabeth Moon for this reason. I also like films, but again, I prefer a leading female driven film rather than a shoot 'em up testosterone special effects romp. For example I really enjoyed “White-Out,” probably my film of the year so far.

I think “The Sullenfeld Oracle” is going to be my usual mixture of storylines. I like to add romance, and I think I have at least two options in there, one hetrosexual and one not! And as usual, not all of them will be from the same planet. Hopefully there will also be one or two unexpected twists. The problem I have at the moment is setting out the main plot through the story. I know where it starts and I know where and how it finishes. It's just that big bit in the middle I need to sort out next.

See you next month.

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