November 2008 Review

Writing News

I have been having a funny month. Various things seem not to have happened when I thought they might, mainly due to means beyond my control. Basically, things I thought were under control weren't, and I only found out when each individual balloon went up. But never mind. I had hoped to modify the site this month with the addition of “The Tale of the Comet,” but that now won't happen until next month. I have yet to see proof copies of the book, so I don't know when it will finally be published. I will wait and see.

I have been thinking about modifying the various pages on this website, mainly because I haven't changed many of them since they were first uploaded. I was thinking mainly of the trailer pages and things like that, where some images or colours might brighten up the otherwise static white and blue. I don't want to over do it though. One of the things that annoys me most on the internet is the time it sometimes takes to load the meaningful part of the pages you want to see. Everything else gets downloaded first, adverts, flash annimations, the lot. And two days later the actual text or image you want to see finally turns up. I have always kept things simple here, which means the site hasn't changed much. However, that also means it comes up quick no matter what your connection is or the type of browser you use. If you come here you want to read things, so that means getting the text quickly. The use of images might slow that down for some people, so I will put them on pages, like the trailer pages, that are smaller. Hopefully I might do this over Christmas.

I am still looking for post doctural work similar to my project, or something different that matches my skills. So far I have only found something right up my street in the wrong continent: Australia! It's a bit of a distance to commute from Manchester in the UK. Still, the wife says I only need to pop back at the weekends.

See you shortly next month.

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