November 2007 Review

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I have finally completed the editing and formatting for “The Lost Girls.” Its all been uploaded and is now with BookSurge. Hopefully, it will go through all right and could be published before Christmas. That just leaves me with “The Return of the Sixpack” and “The Tale of the Comet.” As I mentioned last month, these two stories are rather large. Originally, as with “The Friendly Ambassador,” I had no intention of splitting the story up. However, “The Friendly Ambassador” made four reasonably sized books, so it would have been a very fat and pricy book all in one package. “The Return of the Sixpack” and “The Tale of the Comet” are not as long as this, but I think both could split into two 300 page books. The thing is, do I want to split them?

“The Tale of the Comet” has a logical break in the story. It is almost written in two parts, and although I will review and edit it during the formatting process, I don't think this will change. So here a split is possible. “The Return of the Sixpack” doesn't really lend itself to this. There is no natural break. As with “The Friendly Ambassador,” I would have to create breaks where there originally were none. This seemed to work out for “The Friendly Ambassador,” where there were a number of places in the story where a natural break could be inserted, with only one of these breaks being a little less than positive. Of course, splitting stories isn't unusual. I have probably said in a previous review that I am a fan of Elizabeth Moon, mainly because she writes science-fiction with a female bias. Her Vatta's War series is split in this way, as have been a number of her previous books. The problem is always making the book a self-contained read at the same time as fitting it in with the overall story (and without having to add reams of pages in explanation). I have already done this with “The Friendly Ambassador,” and partially with “The Lost Girls,” as “The Return of the Sixpack” was the second part of this story, which has the overall title “In the Shadow of Mountains.” So this story could actually end up in three parts. My instinct is to leave “The Return of the Sixpack” and “The Tale of the Comet” as single books each, which means that they could come in at over 600 pages.

Oh, decisions, decisions.

Anyway, that's all for this month. See you next month for my Christmas Review. Gosh, yes, Christmas already!

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