November 2006 Review

Site News

Well, not really site news, more computer news. For a while now I have been soldiering on with my laptop computer despite it beginning to wear out. It was some months ago that I first mentioned that the fan was beginning to make strange noises. But to give it credit, it never gave up. However, both the operating system, Windows ME, and the anti-virus software, all went passed their support dates. With no updates and with a laptop that was over five years old, I had to bite the bullet.

In all, I have had two laptop computers since I started all this in 1996. The first one had Windows 95. Now after over ten years I have bought my third laptop. I think five years for each laptop is quite a good return on the initial investment. The first laptop actually expired at around 2001. The second one is still going, but now retired along with the software. Now I write this review using my new HP Pavilion. It's bigger, with a wide screen and faster graphics card. The processor is also faster and there is a much larger memory. I now have to get used to a slightly different keyboard layout. Everything (or at least almost everything) from my last computer has been transferred across to the new one and I am up and running again. It's very shiny and very quiet.

I have resized the List Page for wider screens so that everything is now in the middle rather than squashed to one side. I have also added a note for “The Twelve Ships” to remind people that it isn't ready yet. And by the way, please remember your passwords once you buy them. That way you won't have to re-purchase them every time you visit.

Writing News

Another Review and another book. I am waiting for my author copy of “The Friendly Ambassador: Walking with the Enemy.” Like the previous book I expect it to be very yellow. As before I have published it with BookSurge and now it is available for order on

As I have said, I think I will publish a few more books this way. Despite copyright protection being invoked by their publication on this website (note the registration details at the bottom of this page and on the Home and List Pages), I would still like to see my books 'out there' so to speak. I feel that they are real and registered once they have an ISBN number. I am also thinking on these lines for my short stories, so I might hang back on submitting any for the Amazon Shorts program until I have looked at possible group formats.

So, after ten years, I can write and I can publish, all under my own control.

Does anyone know how I can get you to buy the flippin' things?

What do you think of it so far? Email me!

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