November 2002 Review

Web Page Progress

As I said last month, I keep thinking about pictures. I spent ages looking on the web, but mainly found weird pictures that didn't really fit my stories. However, all my trawling around finally gave me one or two pictures that I could use. Or so I thought. I ended up with half a dozen pictures of female warriors that looked like they were dressed for the part. But I have to say that only about half of them came close to what I really wanted. With a bit of work, one of them has made it on to the site. If you check out the Trailer Page for "The Return Of The Sixpack" you should find a pleasant picture of one of the leading characters. In this case it is supposed to be Slide-Rule, and I'm generally pleased with it. Unfortunately, I've lost track of where I got it from, so if you happen to know, or it's yours, please email me and let me know. I will credit you and add a link to your site, and I will probably visit to see what other pictures you have!

Writing Progress

I'm back on "The Friendly Ambassador", although it has taken awhile and it feels a lot more like hard work. I guess I got out of the habit and I have become a little lazy at the weekends. But at least I've started again. With another chapter done the next one looms, and soon I'll be off and running again.

No Short Story this month as I'm taking a break. It'll be back next month in it's more usual bi-monthly slot. The ninth and last part of the Short Story Serial entitled "The Dreamer:Part IX" has been added to the List Page.

See you next month.

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