November 2000 Review

Web Page Progress

I've been having a look at the statistics on your visits to this site and they're quite revealing. Saturday is your most popular day, with more visits per day occuring in general at the weekends. I get between two and four visits a day during the week, but weekends it swells to between six and nine. Like I said, Saturday is the most popular, and the hours between 3:00pm and 6:00pm are the most popular times in the day. As you might guess, the least popular times are early in the morning, although I do get some visits late at night, in the "wee hours". Since the counter was added to the site, September was the most popular month, with 279 visits.

In general, I now leave the site more or less alone. I need to keep certain things up to date, like the credit/debit card system and the ownership of my domain name, but apart from that, it's all done now. I don't even try to promote it anymore. Of course, I add a review each month and I add new stories to the List Page when I finish them, but apart from that, I only visit to check that it's still all present and correct.

Now the ever sticky subject of letters. I know some of you out there visit the site, and that some of you even read the stories, because you've said so in the few emails that I've received. But most of you don't give me any feed back. If you like a story, tell me, I'd like to know. As for visitors who read a complete story, well, you must be as rare as rocking horse you-know-what. I know there's at least one of you out there, but if there are others who just don't fancy buying, let me know what you think of the site anyway.

Writing Progress

"The Return Of The Sixpack" soldiers on in my lap-top. Why is it that work and other commitments always take you away from what you would rather be doing? (And I don't mean sunning myself on a beach!) Progress has slowed down a touch, mainly due to the lack of time available for me to write at the moment, but also because the story has entered that "tricky" area where it can go in several different directions, not all of which are the ones you had originally planned! And I have this review to write too! Gosh, the strain is too much.

Never mind, I like writing, and I happen to like the characters I write about. But then, that always makes it harder to part with them, particularly if one or two of them were intended to meet a sticky end. Maybe I'll change my mind, maybe I won't. As is often the case, the choice might not be mine. The story tends to make it's own way after awhile, mainly because all the characters tend to do things and react in ways you hadn't foreseen, but which are perfectly logical in the events that occur. I shall soldier on, and hopefully, all will be resolved. Then it's on to the next one.

Short Stories

There's no Short Story this month, although I'm thinking about a Christmas one next month. I've also been thinking of adding the Short Stories to the List Page. I might do this if I end up with more than just a handful of them. It would be easier than just leaving them in the reviews. As there's only a couple of them at the moment, I'll continue thinking about it for now, but if I do decide to go ahead with it, I'll probably add each Short Story to the List Page about two months after the review that contained them was first published (they'll still be free of course!).

Incidently, do you like the Short Stories? Do you want more of them, or less? And which of the two did you like best?

What do you think of it so far? Email me!

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