May 2016 Review

My Quarterly Blab Thing

Summer has arrived since my last post. I know that because it is raining. Well, maybe not all the time. To be fair I did catch the sun on one of the odd days that it did put in a more persistant apperance. The bane of driving a convertible I suppose.

Bookwise, not much to report on. As usual quite a few of my books were picked up when they were available for free during Read an eBook Week, but whether that will turn into further sales is still unknown. Some of my books are now permanently free as well of course. These have now perculated through to most websites.

Website changes this month has seen my merchandise links and pages removed. I wasn't really using these much, so it was only natural that these would be phased out.

Now I am looking forward to further sunshine, Le-Mans in June, and a few more times driving with the top down.

I'll probably catch my death of cold.

See you next time.

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