May 2015 Review

My Periodic Blab Thing

It seems strange that it is May and I am already looking forward to the one motor race in the world that counts for anything. Of course that isn't for a few weeks yet, and although I am getting inpatient I know it won't be long before I am sadly looking back at the event in July. They say time is relative and when I think back to my childhood and how long it took me to grow up and all the things I did, I have to say that I think time moves a lot quicker when you're older. Much too quickly in fact.

I seem to be quite content in my dormant author mode these days. I suppose as time passes the guilt at not writing passes too, and I sort of get used to it. I also feel less stressed as I read posts on Goodreads about the endeavours of others to promote and sell. I have given up on all that and moved on. I still look at my latest sales or royalty figures on Smashwords and Amazon, but I am no longer excited or deflated. I have other hobbies and interests.

I wonder if it will be another one, two this year.

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