May 2014 Review

My Monthly Blab Thing

I had a little email from Amazon at the end of April entitled, 'A Reminder on KDP Pricing,' which indicated Section 4 of their pricing policy. After a few question and answer exchanges by email, and refering to Section 4, I was surprised to learn that the 70% royalty option had the additional requirement to price ebooks at other retailers at a level 22% higher than at Amazon. I must say I had not noticed that before, so I have no idea if it has always been there or if it was only recently introduced. Until then I had been under the impression that you only needed to keep your ebooks at $2.99 or above to comply with their requirements. Well, as I am not exactly raking it in at the moment, although I do also get very nice and welcome emails from Amazon advising me of periodic payments, I have now ditched the 70% royalty option and switched all my ebooks back to the standard 35%. It doesn't really make that much difference to me, and so I have left my prices at $2.99 as well.

I suppose it is a gentle reminder to always check the small print, even after you have signed up.

It is interesting to look back over my publishing exploits over the years, and it is clear that Amazon have had a big influence on my progress. I have been publishing my books with them since 2006, from Amazon Shorts, BookSurge and CreateSpace, to MobiPocket and KDP (or DTP as it was back then). After eight years it is still an interesting ride.

Oh, and this month marks the fourteenth birthday of this website.

See you next time.

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