May 2012 Review

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All of my books are now up and available on all the online retail sites currently supplied by Smashwords. And the zero price for “A Fine Woman” and “The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning of the End” are also filtering through. I am still waiting for Amazon to price match them, but that might take a while yet. I am not sure if I can make them free at Google or if they price match as well, but I will let you know if I find out.

Since I made them available for free last month I have begun to see some downloads of “A Fine Woman” and “The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning of the End” at Smashwords and at some of the other retail sites. In fact Sony and Barnes & Noble have been quick to introduce the free price and have both seen significant downloads. Whether this will lead to some word of mouth promotion, and whether I see any reviews from these downloads, only time will tell. I currently have two reviews for “A Fine Woman,” one of which is down to the free offer. A few of my other titles have also picked up some reviews recently, so the free offer might be helping to improve my visibility. I hope so.

Another free offer has just closed. On Friday the 4th May “An Affair of the Heart” was one of the books on offer for free at the World Literary Cafe as part of their Free eBook Fridays promotion. They provided a Smashwords coupon to all who asked for one and I saw 38 downloads during that day. Not bad really. Hopefully I can do some more promotions with the WLC in the future. If you missed it and would like a free copy, email me and if you ask nicely (or you are a Goodreads friend) I will send you the coupon.

Following on from last month I have now published “The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning of the End” in trade paperback with Feed A Read. There was no fee for publication and it will make the book available for purchase on Feed A Read and allow it to be ordered through UK retailers. If I want to get it up on and actually in bookstores I do have to pay a fee, but at the moment I think I will just slowly work my way through my other titles and get them all published at Feed A Read first, and then see how things go.

Also on the trade paperback front, I have updated some of my titles at CreateSpace, one of them following feedback from a reader who referenced a typo in her review. It seems that no matter how often I go over them something always gets through. But at least they are getting rare, and this last reviewer only highlighted one, but that is enough for me to update the trade paperback, Kindle, Google and Smashwords editions. I do my best to respond to reviews and keep all editions of my work up to date.

And finally, May marks the 12th anniversary of this website. I am now into my 13th year. Lucky for some?

See you next month!

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