May 2011 Review

Writing News

Nothing much going on at the moment, mainly because we seemed to have a multitude of holidays in the UK last month, what with Easter and other things. As a result I have been taking the opportunity to exercise some of my various other hobbies, more hands on physical creative type of stuff rather than the mental creation that writing is. I often rotate my hobbies as the urge takes me. I think you need that variation to keep your interests fresh. For a very long time my only hobby was writing. Then it was building my website. Then it was publishing. Then it was writing my thesis. Then it was Kindle publishing. Sometimes I need to get away from the computer and get my hands dirty.

No further news on the Google Editions ebook programme front so far. It will be interesting to see how that works in comparison to Kindle. The Nook ePubit self publishing system still requires a US bank account, so I have never pursued anything with them. But as the Google Editions can deal with UK bank accounts like Amazon's Kindle does then I think it will be worth getting into.

In preparation to publishing “The Sullenfeld Oracle” in the future I have decided to register the title with CreateSpace. I have uploaded some information on the book and the cover PDF file. I have also obtained an ISBN which is now included on the List Page. Although I have spent more time over the past few years publishing on the Kindle platform, all my previous books were first published as trade paperbacks with BookSurge. I like to have the real book in my hands even if only an electronic or Kindle version ever sells or gets read. I guess I am old fashioned in that way.

Having said that, this will be the first time that I will use CreateSpace to publish a book. So far it seems straight forward enough. I will let you know my thoughts in the dim and distant future when I finally get “The Sullenfeld Oracle” done.

May marks twelve years on the internet for this website. Not bad for one of my hobbies!

See you next month!

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