May 2010 Review

Website News

A few more changes to report this month. I have added my books to the Google Book Search program, so you will see search boxes have appeared on the Home Page and List Page. These Google Search boxes allow you to search the full text of my books and find where to purchase them if required. As usual this feature excludes my two Publish America books, and at the moment my two Kindle/MobiPocket only books, although this might change in the future. So if you want to have a browse you can put a random search query in the box on the Home Page and see where it takes you, or you can go on to the List Page and search the contents of a specific book.

Amazon is discontinuing the Amazon Shorts program now that its Kindle store is in full swing. As a result I have also removed the links to my two Amazon Shorts. This means that “Wagstaff & MacClean” reverts back to being a free short story, while “A Fine Woman” is still available as an eBook on Kindle and MobiPocket.

I have also updated my Order Page so that you can quickly find my books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Kindle and MobiPocket. Book cover pictures have been increased in size and the odd extra image added here and there.

This month also marks my eleventh anniversary on the internet. May 2000 to May 2010.

Writing News

“The Sullenfeld Oracle” remains at the tinkering level at the moment. Now that I have actually started writing bits of it I keep having to create the more detailed elements that are required to shape the story. Originally, like with many of my stories, it only started as a vague idea, maybe with one or two more vivid sections. The problem is always creating a coherent story that links all these little blocks together. And of course, filling it with the required characters to make it work. Start with a skeleton and then flesh it out. And hopefully it does actually go where you planned it to go. I sometimes find that isn't always the case...

And finally I am done with my Engineering Doctorate at last. Once the examination report is filed I will officially be a Doctor of Engineering. I am in the process of arranging for the final hardbound copies to be printed. Believe it or not I have to produce nine copies: Three for various supervisors and five offical copies for the University and examiners. Plus one for me. Well, I've got to have one, haven't I? I never had a hardbook so popular! See you next month.

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