May 2009 Review

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I hate Windows Vista. I just had to say that. I now have Microsoft Office 2007 and that is just as annoying as Windows Vista. It's not that they don't work or anything, its just that they aren't the same as Windows XP or ME and Office 2003. It means that I have to relearn all my habits. Why do they do that? Can you imagine buying a new car and all the controls and pedals were in the wrong place doing different things? Because it was an improvement? Can you imagine the carnage on the roads? So why do they do that with software? All the commands I used the most in Word and Excel, and knew where they were, are now all either missing or hidden from view. And instead I get a ton of stuff I never use and don't want cluttering up my work space. Vista also seems to be doing funny things that my graphics and modelling software don't like, and they crash, or worse don't work at all. Why do we have to have all these improvements? Why do we need change? Why couldn't we stay in the Stoneage?

Okay, so I've had my rant. On the actual writing front I am still thinking and not writing. However, I like the electronic book format and system called Kindle that is using, and so I am also thinking about converting some of my books to this format. It costs about $300 (£198) to do for each book, but it could mean my books are available at the same price as all the others, making them more competitive. I have always been conscious that my trade paperbacks are a bit pricy because they are not mainstream published, and that this is a disadvantage. If I can put them on a level footing on Kindle, even for a one off extra cost, it might be worth it. I am thinking of doing this for “The Tale of the Comet” and maybe “An Affair of the Heart,” which was always very popular on this website.

I have to point out that this month's review is the tenth one for May. I officially started out on this website in May 2000 and now it is 2009. Happy Tenth Birthday! And Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 for a birthday present! Oh, goody!

See you next month.

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