May 2007 Review

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Happy Anniversary.

Well, it's my anniversary, actually. I have been doing this for eight years now, and this is my 97th monthly review. The first was back in May 2000. You can still find it way down at the bottom of the Letters Page. Most of the time the site has plodded on without incident, but that changed late last year when I finally dropped my payment system. Since then nothing much has happened. I am still tinkering with some changes and improvements. Hopefully I will still be doing this for a while longer. Another eight years? Who knows?

As I mentioned last month, Breathe is my internet service provider, and I have a 'pay as you go' arrangement with them. Well, on the 4th April they decided to swap servers for their mail system. What should have taken a few days actually took most of April. I only started to receive emails again from the 20th April, so if you sent anything to me, and I haven't replied, I appologise. My lack of response was beyond my control. Apparently some emails may have been bounced back to the sender, but I don't know that for sure. Everything seems to be working again, so just re-send them if you need to.

Writing News

I have at last managed to pull my finger out and complete the formatting for “The Dreamer.” It is now in the process of being submitted to BookSurge, and should be published some time next month. As this story started out as a monthly episodic short story serial and has always been accessable for free, I will make provision for it to still be available online via a password through the List Page. That should also happen next month. Until then, as per usual, I thought I would let you see the cover image as it will appear on the book.

Yes, I know, I have gone for the black cover again, but it suits the space background (that's my excuse, anyway). If you like the look of it, start reading it on the List Page now. Next it will be “A Fine Woman” and “Mind Games.” I am still thinking about an omnibus or anthology under the “Extreme Women” theme. But only thinking.

What do you think of it so far? Email me!

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