May 2006 Review

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I have not heard anything from Amazon Shorts yet (see last month's review), so there have been no changes to the website. If anything happens, I will let you know. Thanks to all who bought access to one of my stories. Let me know if you enjoyed them.

As a result of my interest in Daz Studio and everything computer graphics wise, I am in the process of setting up another website at, which is connected with Daz Studio. The site will be my place to show off some of my attempts at arty images and things. I think is also something like a community sharing and get to know you type web ring blog thing. You get the idea. Anyway, when my bit is up and sort of running I will let you know. I think you have to login to see the stuff on show and connect with people.

I have another picture for you this month. I hope you like the result. See you next time.

"There's never anything to do on Skaro...."


What do you think of it so far? Email me!