March 2015 Review

My Periodic Blab Thing

I had my usual set of downloads at Smashwords during March for the Read An Ebook Week with the Free discount coupon being the main choice of those participating. I like to think of it as a yearly bonus to those wanting to pick up ebooks they might like but are not confident enough to splash out the full price for. I can understand that, as I am not that well off that I can afford to buy everything that takes my fancy. But will they all get read? I know that the general view is that many free ebooks get picked up in such promotions merely because they are free, and just get added to an already large pile. But I feel that the Smashwords Read an Ebook Week with its coupons requires a more deliberate purchase, because it is classed as a purchase, just with a free coupon at the checkout. I think people would only do that if they really wanted to read it. I may be wrong though.

Happy Easter.

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