March 2013 Review

Sort of News

It's March and as usual I am taking part in Read An E-Book Week at Smashwords. From March 3rd until March 9th all my ebooks (apart from those that are free) will be at half price using the coupon code REW50. I am not sure where they are, but they are in there somewhere. So if you are interested, pop over to Smashwords and use a coupon. There are a lot of other authors taking part, so it is worth a look anyway.

Some of you may or may not have noticed that the Apple iTunes widgets on the List Page were not working properly. I didn't notice that for a while. Apple have changed the widget, so I have now updated the code and the book links work properly again. Previously the descriptions showed okay, but the links didn't work. Now they do.

Apart from that, there isn't much else going on in my writing world. I am not reading either, which is also a bad sign. But I am working, which is a good sign.

Isn't real life boring?

See you next time.

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