March 2012 Review

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March 4th — 10th is Read An E-Book Week at, and various retail and publishing websites are supporting the initiative by providing promotional deals during the week, with some continuing on for most of March. Smashwords is also taking part with their Read An E-Book Week Specials promotion. Books in the promotion are offered with coupon codes for 25% off (REW25), 50% off (REW50), 75% off (REW75) and free (RE100) for the week. I have enrolled all my books in the promotion for 50% off, so if you use the REW50 coupon at the checkout you can get all my books at half price from Smashwords from March 4th — 10th.

Following on from my revamp of the List Page last month, I have now published the Smashwords edition of “The Friendly Ambassador: Walking with the Enemy.” This completes my publishing endeavours for the moment. The additional new links to all the various online retail websites that feature my books have also nearly all perculated through the system. With the exception of “Walking with the Enemy,” the missing links tend to be just the odd one or two on some of the websites that are still catching up. It has been fun seeing all the new links appear, but what has pleased me most is my small but gratefully received sales on Apple at the iTunes iBookstore. Mac users seem to like my books!

Another retail website that supports independent authors is EZRead. I came across EZRead at Goodreads, and I have decided to add them to the growing list of publishers of my ebooks. So you can now find nearly all of my books under the INDIE AUTHOR MARKETPLACE at EZRead at the usual price of $2.99.

Please visit my two Facebook Pages for and, both of which have been updated this month to the Timeline version.

And don’t forget to visit my Author Page and Author Interview at The Independent Author Network.

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