March 2010 Review

Website News

Yes! Website news! Well, only a bit.

Over the past month or so I have updated some of my book trailer pages to include cover images and further links to the various product pages on, and These changes have also been reflected on the List Page, where additional images for “A Fine Woman” and “Mind Games” have been added. There has also been a bit of reorganising on the List Page as a result of all the changes.

The Letters Page has also had a bit of a revamp, mainly to add some images to brighten it up a bit. The Home Page has had a similar revamp. I hope you like the changes.

Writing News

Since my last Review I have managed to publish ten of my books as both MobiPocket eBooks and Kindle eBooks. Although I still haven't got any further doing this with the nook and eReader on Barnes &, I am still very happy with my progress so far. Two of these new eBooks are “A Fine Woman” and “Mind Games.”

Although “A Fine Woman” was first published in three parts as an Amazon Short some years ago, I am much happier with the combined single version now available on Kindle. This was because I was able to do some updates to the story as a result of reviews I received for the Amazon Short version. In contrast, “Mind Games” is the one story I have never published. This was because I didn't want to publish another book with a page count that was less than 200 pages after I got a review of “An Affair of the Heart” that suggested that it could have been longer considering the price. I was publishing “The Dreamer” at the time and it was too late to stop it, but I remembered the comment. This was also why “A Fine Woman” was never published as an actual book. As I may have said before, I have often thought about publishing these three stories all together in one fat omnibus edition, but I never really pursued it. Now with the change from BookSurge to CreateSpace I have managed to reduce all my trade paperback book prices, so to some extent this problem may have been solved. But that still left “Mind Games” on the shelf. However, I had another alternative here as I had written both a narrative and screenplay version of the story. So my Kindle edition now features both these with an introduction, making it a bigger and more worthwhile buy, but still at $2.00.

So, listed below are all ten of my books currently available on the Kindle platform, all at the cost of $2.00 in the USA and $4.70 in the UK, regardless of the page count. I am very happy to have been able to do this at last. Now I will have to see how they do.

The only books still missing from my eBook collection are the first two books in “The Friendly Ambassador” series. This is because I can't do anything with them unless PublishAmerica changes its attitude to digital publishing. I mentioned last month that something might be happening on this front. PublishAmerica said it was going to make eBooks available for the Apple iPad eBook reader. I told them I was interested and they sent me another email that basically said I only needed to pay a one off $49 set up fee to make my book available as an eBook, and that eBooks would sell for under $10. I assume I would have to pay that for each book with them, but that is still less than $100. The thing is I don't know anything about the Apple iPad and how this would link with other eBook readers, so I am thinking about it.

In addition to the list of my Kindle available books above, you can also find me and all my books here at my various Author Pages:

And I still haven't got a Barnes & Noble Author Page! See you next month.

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