March 2008 Review

Writing News

I forgot to mention in the last review that February is the month of my birth. The significance of this is that I tend to do even less work as a result. Another excuse, but there you go. Anyway, the crash problem which also caused most of February to be lost seems to be recovered and my computer is still working. I am more conscious of the fan running these days, although I am sure I don't notice it all the time. I am trying to keep my memory usage leaner and to do less of the tasks that seem to result in the fan running more enegeticaly. That means less time playing with graphics. Fingers crossed.

Formatting “The Return of the Sixpack” wanders on slowly, and I am already thinking about “The Tale of the Comet,” so at least I have my mind on them. However, I also have my University work to do, and I sadly neglect it sometimes (just like my writing). In this case it is the thesis for my Doctorate and the odd academic paper. I should really be concentrating on these instead of my writing, as they have time constraints, but I find it difficult to be motivated to do academic writing, it is so much harder and far less exciting. I can't be a real academic saying that, can I?

I have decided that I will have a go at “The Twelve Great Ships” soon. This has been sitting dormant in my mind for several years now, mainly because I was too tired after completing “The Friendly Ambassador” to even think about tackling it then. I find my mind dwelling on the characters and events more often now, so I think it might come out of my imagination soon. That doesn't mean I will be writing it just yet. I need to finish the publishing process for the other two first, and then I want to write “The Sullenfeld Oracle,” and then I will get on to it.

Forgot that thesis. Rats!

See you next month.

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