March 2006 Review

Writing Progress

Not much to report on this month other than that I have received my free author copies of “The Friendly Ambassador: A Gathering of Angels” from my publisher. As I said last month, it should be available by the end of March. The ISBN for the second book is 1-4241-2113-2.

As I haven't written anything for over a year now, I have to consider that this is a hobby on the wane. However, I am not comfortable with the idea of just letting the site fade into disuse, at least not yet. I have a lot of other things on my mind and little time to write even if I wanted to. So the site will remain for a little longer, although I might not up date it on so regular a basis as before. Even this review is late.

If you visit I hope you enjoy what you read.

See you around.

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