March 2004 Review

Web Page Progress

Nothing much to report on the web page front. I haven't changed anything and it's all plodding along as usual. The only problems are ones that beset all of us on the internet -too much crap in my email in tray. It's so bad now that I have set my email blocking criteria to select out the emails I want. That way most things in my deleted file are actually meant for me. The rest is all crap. Funny having to do it the wrong way round, but there is so much unwanted and down right unpleasent stuff that I find it easier that way.

Writing Progress

Unfortunately there are still no Short Stories this month. However, “The Friendly Ambassador” is now finished. I am now tidying up and beginning the conversion to HTML before I load it up on the List Page. The epilogue wasn't as large as I thought, but it has the extra information I wanted. And I think the ending is in tune with the level of the story. With luck I should have the final part up on the site before the end of the month. Then it will be time to review those Short Stories.

I am going to do a major rethink on “The Curfew”. I have never been really happy with the serial, and I may remove it while I juggle it about. I am much happier with “A Fine Woman” and I will probably finish this serial first. The comical story I mentioned last month will be called “The Dropped Bollock”. I am not going to say anything more, except that I think it is true to life. Another Short Story Serial I have mentioned in past Reviews is “The Heroic Englishman”. This is a bit like “A Fine Woman” but is set in the late 1970's after the fall of the Shah in Iran, and revolves around the rescue of a woman from her traditionalist relatives. Much of the story is outlined but I still have to do some research for locations and place names. And after all that its on to “The Twelve Ships”.

Anyway, keep visiting and keep reading. And let me know what you think. And for Leigh-Ann who wrote to me this month, I hope you find your terribly scary horror stories.

What do you think of it so far? Email me!