March 2001 Review

Web Page Progress

I'm still getting a reasonable number of visits to the site, but it's not something to brag about. I seem to get between thirty and forty hits each week. I'm reasonably happy, after all there are a lot of sites to choose from. Next month will be the anniversary of the site's creation. I wasn't so sure back then when I started that any of it was even going to work. I had absolutely no visits at all except for my own for quite awhile. The fact that everything did work, and that I now seem to get visits from people all over the world means that I have to consider it a minor success. A few people in the USA and here in the UK have also bought access to a few of my stories, so it's nice to know that people so far away and apart have been able to read them. I hope you enjoyed them.

As a change from this month, the Short Stories from previous monthly reviews have now been added to the List Page. The Short Stories will continue to be premiered bi-monthly in the reviews, but following the publication of the next Short Story, the previous one will be added to the List Page. In this way those of you who are too lazy to read these reviews, or those of you who just breeze in and out with a cursory glance at the List Page, will have something else to catch your eye. So, as usual, the next Short Story is in next month's review as normal.

By the way, last month I mentioned that my parents had been in a road traffic accident. Well, they're both okay and at home now, although my mother will take a little time to get mobile again.

Writing Progress

Last month I told you that finishing "The Return Of The Sixpack" was being an absoloute pain. Well, this is because of several reasons. The main reason is that this story has taken me the longest to write. Normally, I can write one of my stories in about six months. On average I can write a chapter each day, provided I have the story in my mind and it's all flowing smoothly. In the past this has all worked well because I have been able to spend quite a lot of my time enjoying my writing hobby. However, my time has been more in demand over the last year and a half, and as a result I am confined to writing only at weekends. This means that I can only spend a short time writing, and sometimes it takes me half that time to get back to where I was last time! Of course, last year I also spent a lot of time creating this website as well, so I had even less time for actual creative writing. It all means that I am having to spend a lot more time on this story checking the continuity in the text to make sure that I haven't forgotten anything, or worse, began to call someone by the wrong name halfway through the story!

Anyway, that's my feeble excuse for the delay. Once I know that "The Return Of The Sixpack" is all alright, I'll print it off in manuscript form as I do with all my stories and try my luck with a few publishers. While I await their usual replies about 'having their slate full for this year', or 'we're not taking on new writers at the moment', etc, I'll convert "The Return Of The Sixpack" into HTML form in preparation for adding it to the List Page. Mind you, even after all that time and effort I've put into the story, it doesn't mean any of you out there will actually read it, does it....?

What do you think of it so far? Email me!

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