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Books and stories to read online now! Books, books and more books! Choose from contemporary thrillers or romance to science fiction and fantasy. Read books and stories online at your leisure, or print them out to read later. hopes to provide a good story for most people most of the time. However, if there is anything that you would like to chat about, discuss, or criticise, please email me. I will add your comments and replies in the monthly reviews listed here. These reviews will also contain information and progress on my writing and on any developments on the site as a whole. If you would like to know a bit more about me, my writing and what I like to read, please visit my Goodreads Author Profile Page and my Author Interview at The Independent Author Network.

June 2020 Review

We are all on lockdown and self isolating. Take care!

December Christmas 2019 Review

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

June 2019 Review

It is Le Mans this month and I am still eating chocolate to make up for what I missed.

April 2019 Review

Happy Easter! Don't eat too much chocolate. We haven't.

January 2019 Review

Christmas is over and it is the beginning of a new year. Let's hope it is a good one.

October 2018 Review

It is the end of October and Rosanna and I have celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary.

July 2018 Review

Easter is long gone and I am retired from work and staying at home with Rosanna.

April 2018 Review

It is Easter and I am still off work at home with Rosanna.

January 2018 Review

Christmas has come and gone and it is a New Year.

October 2017 Review

It is October and time for our Anniversary and Rosanna's Birthday.

July 2017 Review

It is July and time for the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale. It was an eventful race, too.

June 2017 Review

Easter has come and gone and it is already Race Month.

March 2017 Review

My Birthday has come and gone and I am looking forward to Spring.

February 2017 Review

Christmas is behind us and I am looking forward to my Birthday.

December 2016 Review

It is Christmas time and the end of the year is nigh.

September 2016 Review

Summer is nearly over and I am looking forward to my anniversary.

July 2016 Review

Second half of Summer has arrived and I have had the top up and down.

May 2016 Review

Summer has arrived and I have had the top down.

March 2016 Review

It's that time of year again, yes, Read an Ebook Week!

February 2016 Review

It's that time of year again, yes, my birthday!

December 2015 Christmas Review

It's that time of year again, yes, Christmas!

September 2015 Review

And it was a decent race and a 1-2, too.

June 2015 Review

I can already hear the roar of the engines so it must be June.

May 2015 Review

It's raining so it must be Summer.

April 2015 Review

Spring has Sprung (sorry that isn't new).

March 2015 Review

Read An Ebook Week has come and gone, and so did some of my ebooks.

February 2015 Review

It's Read An Ebook Week!

January 2015 New Year Review

Happy New Year.

December 2014 Christmas Review

Merry Christmas.

November 2014 Review

November has arrived and the leaves on my tree have gone with the wind. There is a good book title in there but I haven't written anything set in November.

October 2014 Review

The Alien Monstrosity Biological hazard in my throat is at last dead. And there are only eighty-odd shopping days to Christmas.

September 2014 Review

It's September and I have an Alien Monstrosity Biological hazard in my throat. Or maybe it is just Man Flu.

August 2014 Review

It's August and it is Summer. Now, that really is exciting.

July 2014 Review

It's July, so that means it is Smashwords Summer and Winter Promotion time! Gosh, that is too exciting.

June 2014 Review

I've decided to stop eating chocolate. Well, maybe for a bit, maybe.

May 2014 Review

It's Sprung. And I am still eating chocolate.

April 2014 Review

Has Spring Sprung yet? Soon be Easter.

March 2014 Review

I think these months are coming too quickly.

February 2014 Review

A late review this month written almost on the eve of my birthday.

January 2014 New Year Review

Only 229 days to Christmas.

December 2013 Christmas Review

It is December and the countdown to Christmas and the New Year has begun.

November 2013 Review

A late review as the cold weather proclaims winter.

October 2013 Review

It is the beginning of my time of year.

September 2013 Review

I have been thinking about writing. Should I use a pen or a pencil?

August 2013 Review

Things seem to be calming down after our little heatwave. So why am I bored?

July 2013 Review

June didn't quite burst out all over, but July is definitely on the boil. And there is a promotion at Smashwords.

June 2013 Review

It's Summer and warm at last! I better not blink...

May 2013 Review

Why do I feel so old? Maybe because I am...

April 2013 Review

Spring is here at last...I least the clocks have moved forward.

March 2013 Review

Did I mention Read An eBook Week? Grab that REW50 Coupon now!

February 2013 Review

Did I mention Valentine's Day?

January 2013 New Year Review

The Ghost of Christmas Past —Now it's all down hill to Valentine's Day.

December 2012 Christmas Review

Christmas is round the corner and the Goose has bought a Nook.

November 2012 Review

It will soon be Christmas and Barnes & Noble have launched the Nook in the UK.

October 2012 Review

Things to contemplate on this month: Life, the Universe, what's for tea?

September 2012 Review

Things are calming down on the free downloads, but I am seeing some sales now. Not a lot, but a few.

August 2012 Review

I have had a few downloads on Amazon and A Fine Woman hit the heights in Romantic Suspense.

July 2012 Review

It's Smashword's Summer Winter Promotion month! Okay, so that basically means my ebooks are half price at Smashwords.

June 2012 Review

My free book promotions are beginning to show some positive signs and I now have two self publishing options in the UK.

May 2012 Review

My free offer is in progress and I have a self publishing option in the UK. And this is my 13th year on the web. Lucky for some?

April 2012 Review

I am offering two ebooks for free and investigating a publishing option in the UK. Is this full circle?

March 2012 Review

I have had some sales on the Apple iBookstore at iTunes. I wonder if Mac users like me?

February 2012 Review

I now have most of my books on Nook, Kobo, Diesel, Sony and the Apple iBookstore at iTunes. I wonder if anyone will notice?

January 2012 New Year Review

I finally have a book on Nook at last. Maybe I will get the rest on soon.

December 2011 Christmas Review

I am reading new books at last. Maybe I will write one soon.

November 2011 Review

I now have two Facebook Pages.

October 2011 Review

The new edition of “The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning of the End” has arrived, and the UK Google Play eBookstore goes live!

September 2011 Review

I have ordered a copy of the new edition of “The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning of the End” so I will soon know what it looks like.

August 2011 Review

The new edition of “The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning of the End” has now been published.

July 2011 Review

It's seven years since I published my first real trade paperback book. Now that contract has expired and it's time to republish my first book.

June 2011 Review

It's Summer at last and I have Writer's Reluctance.

May 2011 Review

I am taking a holiday from writing —I know, as if I need one.

April 2011 Review

Thinking about Google Books, Google Editions and writing. And I still need to get my women organised.

March 2011 Review

I am still going strong with my writing. I just need to get my women organised.

February 2011 Review

I have finally managed to make a sustained effort at writing.

January 2011 New Year Review

Its a New Year once again, and I am looking forward.

December 2010 Christmas Review

I am looking forward to music and Christmas as the snow has already fallen outside.

November 2010 Review

I am a social animal and I have my first Kindle sale in the UK.

October 2010 Review

I have three book trailers! Yes, I have three book trailers on

September 2010 Review

I am now on Goodreads and I have merchandise on CafePress.

August 2010 Review

Publish America comes through with some good news for me and you. And, it’s still Summer.

July 2010 Review

Another quiet month. Some changes with Publish America could be good news though. And, it’s still Summer.

June 2010 Review

A quiet month. Well, it is Summer.

May 2010 Review

A few more changes to the website to report this month. 2000 to 2010. Eleven years and still here.

April 2010 Review

A few sales to report this month. Now that is new.

March 2010 Review

I now have ten eBooks in the Kindle store on Amazon. And I have done some updates to this website.

February 2010 Review

I am in the Kindle store at last! Oh, all right, so it's not that exciting, I just thought it was, that's all...

January 2010 New Year Review

Book prices slashed! It must be the New Year Sales, but I hope my prices stay low for longer.

December 2009 Christmas Review

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Christmas is a really good excuse for not working, isn't it?

November 2009 Review

Still plotting and thinking about what is going to happen next. I need to firm things up.

October 2009 Review

The slow trudge back to the writing podium has begun. I think.

September 2009 Review

My thesis is done and my muse is out buying shoes.

August 2009 Review

More of my books are now available as ebooks on Go buy them. They're cheap.

July 2009 Review

I have started writing and I am into ebooks. Again.

June 2009 Review

My thesis is nearly nearly done and I am really really thinking about writing. Again.

May 2009 Review

I am getting used to Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007. What more can I say?

April 2009 Review

I have a new computer! I can write again!

February/March 2009 Review

My computer is bust. What more can I say?

January 2009 New Year Review

Another year starts with another review. A few small changes to start with this month. More to come later.

December 2008 Christmas Review

Another slightly late review this month with Comet now finally published. Yes, my masterpiece is done at last. Now just that damned thesis...

November 2008 Review

A very late review this month with Comet now not due until Christmas with Rudolph.

October 2008 Review

Comet should be published this month so I will have a breather before I start on anything really new. I might play with my website too.

September 2008 Review

Nearly done now. I am thinking about my next big literary masterpiece. Well, the last one was over 700 pages so I just have to top that, don't I? My thesis is also coming along. Writing, writing, writing...

August 2008 Review

Halfway through and still going. My thesis is also a few chapters in, but will my supervisors like them?

July 2008 Review

At last, I have finally done it. Yes, I have started my thesis. But I have also started formatting “The Tale of the Comet.”

June 2008 Review

At last, I have finally done it. It's now finished and all done and dusted. What is? you say. Your Thesis? Actually, no...

May 2008 Review

May 2008 means nine years on the world wide web. Will I make it to double figures? Probably, but I am slowing down if not yet stopped.

April 2008 Review

I am still carrying on dutifully, if just as slowly. But at least my brain is still working even if I'm not.

March 2008 Review

I am carrying on dutifully, if not slowly, after the problems with my computer. Work gets in the way of writing and I have so much to do. I better get out of bed.

February 2008 Review

A late review this month due to the temporary (I hope) demise of my computer.

January 2008 Review

This month is about entering book awards. I have decided to enter three. And I don't seem to have been doing much else over the holidays.

December 2007 Christmas Review

“The Lost Girls” has been published. I have started on formatting my next book for publication. And I am seriously thinking about book awards.

November 2007 Review

I have finished formatting “The Lost Girls.” Now it is time to start thinking about my next book. Or is it books? I'm not sure if it will be two, three, or four. Are you getting confused? You should see it from my side.

October 2007 Review

I think the covers are done. I am still formatting. What more is there to say?

September 2007 Review

My mind is working again, at least as far as my imagination goes. I have ideas. I just need the time to write them down. I know, excuses, excuses.

August 2007 Review

Another version of “The Lost Girls” book cover, and a bit of news on the website.

July 2007 Review

“The Lost Girls” is my next publishing project, but I am late. Not an unusual occurance.

June 2007 Review

“The Dreamer” is published but still available to read for free on this website. A nice big review this month with news of feedback and books to come.

May 2007 Review

Eight years! This is my 85th monthly review! I have had an email breakdown, and “The Dreamer” is ready for publication at last.

April 2007 Easter Review

A recap this month with news of changes to the website and my publishing intentions.

March 2007 Review

“The Look of Love” is published and I am now working on my University Doctorate, so no progress on “The Dreamer.”

February 2007 Review

“The Look of Love” is to be published this month. I am now working on “The Dreamer.” Some changes to the website are in the offing, but not yet.

January 2007 New Year Review

I am now working on “The Look of Love” with a view to submitting the book to BookSurge. And there is a little more about the change to my on line purchasing system.

December 2006 Christmas Review

I have submitted “An Affair of the Heart” to BookSurge. And I have changed my on line purchasing system: It's gone.

November 2006 Review

“The Friendly Ambassador: Walking with the Enemy” has now been published by BookSurge. And I have a new computer; the third in ten years. Yes, I have been here on the internet for nearly that long.

October 2006 Review

“The Friendly Ambassador: Walking with the Enemy” is my next hopeful publishing venture with BookSurge. And I am also hoping to add to my Amazon Shorts list.

September 2006 Review

“The Friendly Ambassador: Changes” has now been published. And my two Amazon Shorts have been reviewed.

August 2006 Review

I am going it alone with the third part of “The Friendly Ambassador.” Find out how and see the cover.

July 2006 Review

Some more news about Amazon Shorts and a rejection for the third part of “The Friendly Ambassador.”

June 2006 Review

Some more news about Amazon Shorts, the third part of “The Friendly Ambassador,” and another picture.

May 2006 Review

A little bit of news, another picture. Could you ask for anything more?

April 2006 Easter Review

Late again as usual. There is some news about possible changes to the website that may be to your advantage. Oh, and Happy Easter.

March 2006 Review

Another late Review. It might not be the last time either.

February 2006 Review

I'm late! No, I mean with this Review. The covers for the second part of “The Friendly Ambassador” have now been done. And I've had an email.

January 2006 New Year Review

The holidays are over and it's January. Here we go again.

December 2005 Christmas Review

With the forth coming publication of the second part of “The Friendly Ambassador” set for early next year, I have a few book cover images for your pleasure and comment (like you ever bother to write!).

November 2005 Review

Does having a book published make you an author? Does having two books published make you a writer? I am about to find out.

October 2005 Review

A bit of nostalga this month and a couple of thank you's to two ladies for their emails.

September 2005 Review

Should I submit the remaining parts of “The Friendly Ambassador” to my publisher? Should I buy a new computer? Are my writing days over? I don't know the answers to these questions anymore than you do.

August 2005 Review

Some computer problems this month, so I am thinking about a new one. And I am a writer but I don't sell real books.

July 2005 Review

I am still here and still trying to get attention -but maybe not in so much of a hurry anymore.

June 2005 Review

Find out the latest on my publishing exploits with “The Friendly Ambassador,” and what else I have been up to, or not.

May 2005 Review

More of a six year report this month. Yes, I have been doing this for six years. I have copies of “The Friendly Ambassador,” but still no writing to speak of.

April 2005 Review

Still no Short Story or Serial this month. More news about the publication of “The Friendly Ambassador,” and there is a new website to promote it.

March 2005 Review

Still no Short Story or Serial this month. I have at last finished with my cover pictures and proofs for “The Friendly Ambassador.” Now I have no excuses.

February 2005 Review

No Short Story or Serial this month. I am still playing with pictures, and I explain why. And I have the proofs for “The Friendly Ambassador.”

January 2005 New Year Review

A very different Short Story this month. One with pictures! Yes, have a look at my graphic endeavours with “Rebecca and Mandy's Desert Away Day.” Happy New Year!

December 2004 Christmas Review

A different Short Story this month with some webpage news for a change. Happy Christmas!

November 2004 Review

A short Review this month with another installment of the Short Story Serial.

October 2004 Review

Another installment of the current Short Story Serial as "The Heroic Englishman: Part II" premiers this month. There is also some news about my next big project and my writing!

September 2004 Review

At long last, the return of the Short Story Serials this month with not just one, but two to get your literary teeth into!

August 2004 Review

More news about the upcoming publication of "The Friendly Ambassador" and what I have been doing to prepare it.

July 2004 Review

Some exciting and interesting news this month. And I've read another book.

June 2004 Review

Something new this month. I haven't written a new book, I've read one.

May 2004 Review

"The Friendly Ambassador" is finished and up on the List Page, but no new Short Stories yet.

April 2004 Review

No new Short Stories or "The Friendly Ambassador" yet, but I'm working on it. Promise! Really! Honest!

March 2004 Review

This month sees an end to "The Friendly Ambassador" but there are still no extra Short Stories for you to peruse. Get an update on what I intend will happen soon.

February 2004 Review

Another month, another chapter finished. The problem with my payment system has at last been sorted out, and I still have to work for a living. So what's new for you?

January 2004 New Year Review

Have you come down to earth after the festive holidays yet? Got rid of the headache? Shed those extra pounds? Why not try a little reading? I've been writing, my payment system still has problems, and I too have only work to look forward to. Happy New Year?

December 2003 Christmas Review

My, oh my, I'll soon be five! It's another Christmas Review, which means I will finally get some time over the festive holidays to do some concerted writing. But will that be my only present?

November 2003 Review

Time is short and work is a financial necessity. So a number of changes to let you know about. But at least I'm still here.

October 2003 Review

Another month, another Review, another short weekend. "The Friendly Ambassador" is still close to finishing, "The Heroic Englishman" is still to become a serial (soon), and "A Fine Woman" and "The Curfew" are all delayed. Find out why here.

September 2003 Review

Another month, another Review, another letter. "The Friendly Ambassador" is close to finishing, "The Heroic Englishman" becomes a serial (soon), and "A Fine Woman" takes another turn as the Short Story Serial.

August 2003 Review

Another quick Review this month. Find out where I am on "The Friendly Ambassador", the chat/forum makes an exit, and "A Fine Woman" takes its turn as the Short Story Serial once again.

July 2003 Review

A short Review this month. I've been looking at my ranking, thinking about publishers, and "A Fine Woman" takes its turn as the Short Story Serial.

June 2003 Review

A lot of little changes to the website to be discussed this month. And there's a few more letters. Been busy again, haven't I? But will it last?

May 2003 Review

My fourth May Review marks my third anniversary. I have a few words about that, and there's a new romantic war time Short Story Serial to alternate with "The Curfew". The big news is that "The Friendly Ambassador" is now in three parts. That means you get an extra bit free. Been busy, haven't I?

April 2003 Review

Another on time Review! More emails and information this month, including details of my website winners, a discription of my version of the Amazons and my latest attempts to get noticed. And there's the second part of my current Short Story Serial.

March 2003 Review

This must be a record for posting a Review! Lots of emails this month, with apologies for an error corrected on the Order Page and a comment on February's Short Story.

February 2003 Review

I give in. There's another Short Story this month, and it's going to be another serial. Unfortunately its nasty and horrible so I'm going to spread it out over alternate months. I've had another email and there's more news about my main project "The Friendly Ambassador".

January 2003 Review

It's another New Year and another Monthly Review. I explain why Christmas has been fruitful for my writing problems, talk about a couple of changes to the site, and there's two more letters. I'm virtually swamped!

December 2002 Christmas Review

It's another Christmas Review, which means this website is close to being four years old. Christmas is also about subscription renewals, holidays, and more time to write (I hope!). Find out why writing is getting me down, why I'm stuck, and what I'm hoping to be doing over the festive holidays. And there's a letter! Yes, two of them in fact! Honest!

November 2002 Review

November's Review is about pictures, or the lack of ones that don't come with an x-rating! I'm back on the writing treadmill, and the Short Story takes a rest for a while.

October 2002 Review

This time I'm on time. Here's October's Review with more news of my website tinkering, more improvements, and, once again, another, but final installment of the ongoing Short Story Serial.

September 2002 Review

Contrary to my previous promise, here's another late Review for September. There's news of my website tinkering to get more of you to visit, a couple of improvements I hope you like, and, once again, another installment of the ongoing Short Story Serial.

August 2002 Review

Here's August's Review. The first twenty chapters of "The Friendly Ambassador" are now on the List Page. And there's a much shorter installment of the ongoing Short Story Serial.

July 2002 Review

I'm back again with another review. This month there's a few apologies for my forgetfullness, and there's the latest news on "The Friendly Ambassador." And, of course another part of the ongoing Short Story Serial.

June 2002 Review

June is review time for "The Friendly Ambassador". What to describe and how much is the problem. Some concerns over the credit/debit card system are answered, and tune in for the fifth part of the ongoing Short Story Serial.

May 2002 Review

May is the anniversary of this website. I'm not really celebrating, just marking the date. I've moved on a little with "The Friendly Ambassador" and you'll get to read the fourth part of my ongoing Short Story Serial.

April 2002 Review

April finds me still struggling with my latest story. Read on and I will explain my dilemma. And for those of you who have been here before there's the third part of my ongoing Short Story.

March 2002 Review

Here's March's Review as promised. There's an explanation of my break in service, how I'm getting on with "The Friendly Ambassador", and the second part of last month's Short Story. Keep coming back, won't you?

February 2002 Review

Another month, another Review. A few more words from me and the first part of this month's Short Story. First part? Yes, first part. Why? Because it's too long, so the second part will be next month. Rotten, aren't I?

January 2002 Review

A late January Review for your perusal. Why does work always get in the way of everything? Why aren't more of you visiting my website? And why is "The Friendly Ambassador" turning me into a sleep starved nervous wreck?

December 2001 Christmas Review

A Merry Christmas to you all and a very Prosperous and Happy New Year! This month brings another milestone for my website. Read all about it in this months Review.

November 2001 Review

I'm still here! This month there is more about "The Friendly Ambassador" and another Short Story.

October 2001 Review

Another month, another Review. Catch up on my writing progress and on the latest news about my website.

September 2001 Review

My recovery from my computer failure continues and I've got a driver for my Sharp JX-9200 printer. Read my thoughts on writing and my progress on my latest story. And there's the promised Short Story held over from last month -but with a difference! It's not one of mine!

August 2001 Review

Here it is, August, and we'll soon be on the downhill run to Christmas! The year seems to be passing quicker than I can write these Reviews, and the last three have been far too close together. Holidays and other events have kept me away from the computer, and now that I've caught up and begun to think that I can relax, my computer dies on me! And has anybody got a driver for a Sharp 9200 printer? Find out what's been happening in August's Review.

July 2001 Review

It seems only a moment ago when I was writing June's Review, and now here comes July's Review. Find out what I'm working on next now that "The Return Of The Sixpack" is out.

June 2001 Review

Another delayed Review. Well, I've been on a holiday of sorts, so that's my excuse. This month I'm going to talk to you about GUFF. GUFF, you say? Yes, GUFF. Read on and I'll explain. There's also a very brief letter and a Short Story to catch up on.

May 2001 Review

I'm a little late with my Review this month. Find out why, and what's happening with "The Return Of The Sixpack". There's also another Short Story.

April 2001 Review

It's the anniversary of the website! Yahoo! And that's the search engine I mean! Find out what I'm on about in this month's ramblings and read another Short Story. Happy Easter!

March 2001 Review

More news and updates. A slight change to the Short Stories as promised. Plus "The Return Of The Sixpack" is finished, but why I'm not putting it up just yet.

February 2001 Review

Some personal news this month, and a Short Story that rambles on about life and everything. On the writing front, have I finished "The Return Of The Sixpack" yet? The answer is no, but I'm nearly there (pending re-writes and re-writes and re-writes... )!

January 2001 Review

It's the new year and the holidays are over. Just the time to catch up on some reading! News of more sales, a bit about you lot out there, and progress on my writing.

December 2000 Christmas Review

Catch up with what's been going on in December with the Christmas Review. And there's a festive Short Story that combines sex and food with a few wicked surprises!

November 2000 Review

Damn statistics! Details on your visits, the most popular day and times, and my best month. Also, what should I do with the Short Stories? Do you like them? And should I add them to the List Page to make them easier to access? Keep coming back, now!

October 2000 Review and Letters

The Short Story returns this month, along with another letter from one of you out there. Keep coming back, now!

September 2000 Review and Letters

September completes my advertising campaign to date and includes my first set of emails from you lovely people out there. Hence the new update to this review. On the writing front, the free chapters of "Return Of The Sixpack" are now available on the List page, and there is news of an epublishing option.

August 2000 Review

August brings you up to date on my advertising success and includes my one and only happy event. My first sale! Further progress on the writing front is also included, as is the introduction of a semi-regular Short Story.

July 2000 Review

July deals with advertising. Good fun, but costly. I've also started adding progress reports on my writing, so that you have an idea as to when new stories will become available.

June 2000 Review

June relates my experiences with search engines and the lack of attention from you lot out there.

May 2000 Review

May includes a potted history of my web site up to this date, starting with the original idea, thoughts on style and presentation, ecommerce and ASP servers. If you are just starting out and need a couple of pointers or two, have a look here and email me.

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